Abstract submission

The congress abstracts will be released in edited, downloadable, printable volumes. Please note that presenting authors must be registered participants, who have paid the registration fee to be included in the scientific programme.

Deadline of abstract submission: 10th January, 2019.

Rules for submission:

  • Presentation must be classifiable under the communicated topics (see under). It must be an informative presentation of a scientifically and/or technically relevant research.
  • After a successful application at least one of the presenting authors must attend the congress.
  • If the presenting author is unable to attend, they must indicate in electronic mail to the Scientific Committee at the very latest two days before the presentation.

Guidelines for submission:

  • More abstract submission is available.
  • Please submit the author’s full first and family name(s) (no title) with their affiliation and city.
  • Choose if your abstract is for poster, oral presentation (max.10 min.), symposium (90 min.) or workshop (90 min).
  • Please identify the most appropriate topic and give 3 keywords for your presentation.
  • Abstracts should be a maximum of 2500 characters (+title, authors, affiliations and keywords).
  • Graphs and images cannot be uploaded.
  • Abstracts are invited under the following topics:
    1. Perinatal mental health – research
    2. Perinatal mental health – practice
    3. Perinatal mental health – training
    4. Perinatal mental health – policy
      • Roundtable on perinatal mental health policies and national programs for professional leaders in Europe (short 15-min presentations)
      • Other
    5. Infant and early childhood mental health – research
    6. Infant and early childhood mental health – practice
    7. Infant and early childhood mental health – training
    8. Infant and early childhood mental health – policy
      • Roundtable on infant and early childhood mental health policies and national programmes for professional leaders in Europe (15-min presentations)
      • Other
    9. Parenting and parental mental health – research
    10. Parenting and parental mental health – practice
    11. Parenting and parental mental health – training
    12. Parenting and parental mental health – policy
    13. Early childhood intervention and mental health
    14. Perinatal, infant and early childhood development – research
    15. Medical aspects
      • Obstetrics and gynaecology
      • Neonatology
      • Psychiatry
      • Paediatrics
      • General/family practice
      • Other
    16. Social and societal aspects
      • Sociology
      • Social policy
      • Children’s and family rights
      • Economics
      • Other
    17. Other
  • Structureof scientific abstracts should be the followings: Introduction, Aims, Methods, Results, Conclusions.
  • Structureof clinical / training / policy abstracts should be the followings: Introduction; Description of case(s) or interventions or programmes,  Conclusions.

Only abstracts meeting the rules and guidelines of submissions will be accepted. Abstracts may be considered, sent back for rewriting or asked to be reformatted by the Scientific Committee before publication.

The following forms of presentation will be featured at our conference


A 90 minute discussion on a chosen topic with 4–6 individual presentations. We kindly ask the symposium’s coordinator to provide their name, the symposium’s title, the topic’s description, as well as the symposium’s presenters and their presentations’ titles.

Symposium PROGRAMMES: the symposium – along with its schedule, presenters and topic – is announced and uploaded by its coordinator.

Symposium PRESENTATION: chosen from the topics within the framework of the symposium, the presentation is uploaded by the presenting author.


You can apply with abstracts of individual, 15 minute presentations. The presentations will be sorted into 90 minute blocks by the Scientific Committee, where the moderators are called for from the presenting authors from the same block. After each thematic block there will be a 15 minute Q&A session, so we kindly ask you to limit your presentations for 15 minutes.

On the occasion that an abstract is not accepted by the Scientific Committee, the presentation may be featured as a poster.


We accept the application of individual, 90 minute, interactive, technical or methodological workshops.


The posters will be featured on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from the morning to afternoon. We kindly ask that at least one of the authors accompany the poster during the specified Poster Discussion Hour. The posters’ required dimensions are 90 cm in width, 120 cm in length and must be printed paper.

Recommended training