Professor Hans-Peter Hartmann, MD, PhD, habil. Dipl.-Psych.

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Mother-Infant in-patient treatment from an attachment and psychoanalytic perspective

More than 3 Millions of children in Germany have mentally ill parents, besides parents with severe addiction problems and/or personality disorders. All of these psychiatric disorders influence – sometimes a lot – the socio-emotional and also the physical development of infants and toddlers. The results appear not only form of regulation disorders (crying, sleeping, feeding), but also and mainly as emotional neglect and physical and mental abuse. With the help of a focus orientated psycho-dynamic treatment approach at first we try to establish a secure base on the ward to treat the mental disorders of the mothers as well as their interaction problems with their children. Doing this we use video feedback therapy, nonverbal and verbal therapeutic interventions like group and individual therapy as well as support by midwifes and including the fathers in a group counseling setting.

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