Gabor I. Keitner, MD

Professor of Psychiatry
Rhode Island Hospital, Providence RI, USA
Brown University, Providence RI, USA

Fields of interest

Family functioning and family therapy

Short biography

Dr. Keitner is the Director of the Family Therapy/Research Program at Rhode Island Hospital.  He is Professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, Brown University School of Medicine Providence, Rhode Island.

He completed his psychiatric residency at McMaster University in Canada where he received specialized training in psychopharmacology and family therapy

Dr. Keitner’s major research interests are:

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness and indications for combining psychopharmacology, psychotherapy and family therapy in the treatment of mood disorders.
  2. The assessment of family functioning and its relationship to the course and outcome of psychiatric disorders.
  3. Quantifiable assessments of family functioning.
  4. The effectiveness of disease management models for treatment resistant forms of depression.
  5. Simplified multidimensional outcome measures

Dr. Keitner has published over 120 articles in peer reviewed journals. He is co-author of three books and 40 book chapters on family functioning and family therapy.  He is a frequent invited speaker at national and international conferences and has conducted workshops on family therapy in many different parts of the world.  He has received external funding for research from NIMH, foundations and industry.

His clinical work is with severely ill inpatients. He treats patients on inpatient units and in the Partial Hospital

He is a clinical supervisor for inpatient and outpatient treatment and also supervises residents in psychopharmocolgy, pyschotherapy and family therapy.

Recommended training