Professor Philip Gorwood, MD, PhD

Professor of Psychiatry
CMME, Sainte-Anne Hospital; University Paris Descartes; INSERM U1266.

Fields of interest

Eating disorders and addictions

Short biography

Professor Gorwood studied medicine from 1982–1988, and specialised in psychiatry in 1988. He is currently full Professor of Psychiatry at Sainte-Anne Hospital, and Head of the CMME department [60 beds], teaching at the Paris-Descartes University. He is also Head of one team research at INSERM (the national organisation of medical research), in research unit 894 (institute of Psychiatry and Neurosciences of Paris) devoted to genetic vulnerability of psychiatric and addictive disorders.

Professor Gorwood has published over 240 scientific articles (h‑index=50) and 24 book chapters. He has served on 16 editorial boards for journals in psychiatry, neuroscience and genetics, and was editor-in-chief of the journal European Psychiatry (IF=3.9), from 2005 to 2017.

He is president-elect (2017–2018) of the European Psychiatric Association, becoming president in 2019–2020. He joined the scientific advisory (SAB) board of the ECNP for addictive disorders in 2009. Philip Gorwood is the president of the national associations on alcoholism (FRA) and eating disorders (AFDAS-TCA).

Key publications

Gorwood P et al. Br J Psychiatry, 1992, 161: 55–58 and 2010; 196:139–142. Gorwood P et al American Journal of Psychiatry 1995; 152: 208–212, 1996; 153: 1173–1177 and 2008; 165:731–739, Gorwood P et al. Biological psychiatry 2000; 48(4): 259–264 and 2003; 53: 85–92; Gorwood P et al. Molecular Psychiatry 2002; 7: 90–94, Gorwood P et al. Human Genetics, 2012, 131(6):803–22., Millan et al., 2012, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, 11(2):141–68.

Recommended training