Our conference’s main theme is perinatal, infant and early childhood mental health, parenting and parental mental health, and scientific, medical and social topics related to the early period of parenthood and childhood (planning a baby, pregnancy, giving birth and early development).

The official languages of the conference are English and Hungarian.

Opening ceremony


Cultural introduction

  • László Gy. Kiss, Liszt Ferenc- prize clarinettist: The sounds of the tárogató
  • Arany János Primary School and Primary Art Education, Zugló, Budapest: children’s folk dance ensemble. Choreography by: Zsuzsanna Povázai, dance educator
  • Narrator: Éva Menyhárt, Hegyvidéki municipality, ’Culture Salon’


Welcome speeches

Patrons, representatives of the Organizers and Co-organizers, and of national and international professional organizations.


Tamás Kurimay: Welcome.

  • Challenges of innovative and best-practices on prevention and perinatal clinical work


Ildikó Horváth: State Secretary for Health, the Ministry of Human Capacities

  • Three generations for health


Attila Beneda, the Deputy State Secretary for Family Policy, Ministry of Human Capacities

  • How can the State encourage the births of children desired?


Valéria Csépe

  • The first two years of life – neurocognitive profile of language development of children in early childhood.


Hans-Peter Hartmann / Éva Hédervári-Heller / Tünde Németh / Tamás Kurimay

  • On the road – the birth and development of the first Hungarian Baby-Mother-Father programme.


Ágnes Herczku, folk singer


Reception with welcome drink

(English-Hungarian Simultaneous interpretation will be provided during the Opening Ceremony, too. Please arrive in time to receive your headset at the entrance)

Recommended training