Welcome to our 1st European Regional Conference: From Perinatal to Early Childhood Mental Health – Prevention and Clinical Practice.

We are very pleased to invite you to participate, whether you are a researcher, or a specialist working within the field of parental and early childhood mental health, in the life period from planning the pregnancy to school age children. Professionals from every discipline and relevant sector (healthcare, education, social care, family policies etc.) are welcome to attend the genuine profession-science encounter.

We look forward with great interest to applications from international professionals to inform and educate each other about international practice and research outcomes.

Research, preventive and intervention work on perinatal, infant and early childhood mental health has decades of history in several European and transatlantic countries. In our region, this discipline has only taken wing in the last two decades.

Our goals are to get to know each other’s work (national programmes, research subjects, good practices), as well as through facilitating the professional’s workshops from the region and other countries, give place to developing professional relationships and inspire international collaborations.

Join us in Budapest, Hungary from May 8th-11th 2019!

With best regards on behalf of the Hungarian Organizing Committee,

Prof. Tamás Kurimay
Chair of the Conference

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